Princess Ida


Saturday 3/116:30pm-9pmEast Meadow United Methodist ChurchPrincess Ida Benefit Concert
8:00pmLandmark Theater in Port WashingtonFull Cast Performance
Sunday 6/253:00pmSuffolk Y JCC in CommackFull Cast Performance
Saturday 7/18:00pmCM Performing Arts CenterFull Cast Performance
Regular Rehearsal
Tuesday &
7:30-10pmEast Meadow United Methodist Church/Chatterton
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About “Princess Ida”

Princess Ida, or Castle Adamant, is a twist on a traditional medieval fairy tale based on Tennyson’s, ‘The Princess’.

Prince Hilarion has been waiting for his royal wedding day to Princess Ida for twenty long years. As small children, they had been promised to one another in marriage. On the princess’s 21st birthday they are to finally be wed and their kingdoms joined in peace. Unfortunately, the Princess has run off to Castle Adamant to lead a women’s college! A whirlwind of disguises, ruses, and battles ensue!


Principal and Chorus Auditions Have Concluded for ‘Princess Ida


King Hildebrand (Bass/baritone)

Majestic but kindly father, but takes no nonsense from his longtime foe, King Gama, when he fails to keep his part of the bargain and deliver Princess Ida to be wed.

Prince Hilarion (Tenor)

Idealistic and in love with the idea of love! A man ready to risk everything to gain Ida’s hand.

Cyril (Tenor)

A cross between an adviser to Prince Hilarion and his best drinking companion in the manner of Falstaff. Always ready with a witty comeback. Larger than life in all ways!!

Florian (Baritone)

A highly educated and noble courtier and true friend to Hilarion.

King Gama (Baritone/Patter-man)

Malevolent and strong willed. – “A twisted monster all awry, as if Dame Nature, angry with her work, had crumpled it in fitful petulance.” A devious and scheming ruler full of biting wit.

Arac (Bass/baritone)

Eldest son to Gama – a brutish thick soldier who’s answer to everything is a fight! Overly confident.

Guron (Bass/baritone)

Second son to Gama – A similar character to his brother.

Scynthius (Bass/baritone)

Third son to Gama. Another similarly minded brother.

Princess Ida (Soprano)

The epitome of Tennyson’s poem, The Princess, on which Princess Ida is based. A role model and leader of all the ladies at Castle Adamant, a women’s college. All there follow her in a very cultish manner. An imperious ‘ice maiden’ who wishes to choose a different path for herself and her cherished women!

Lady Blanche (Contralto)

Typical ‘second-in-command’ who believes that she has been wrongly overlooked in the grand scheme of things. She is ready to scheme on her own behalf to try to gain what she thinks is rightly hers. Professor at Castle Adamant. Mother of Melissa.

Lady Psyche (Soprano)

Another idealistic woman who has thrown her lot in with Ida but, even though she believes fervently that “man is only a monkey shaved”; when she actually meets one she melts to his charm. A professor at Castle Adamant.

Melissa (Mezzo-soprano)

Blanche’s sheltered daughter who has grown up in Castle Adamant and has never met with any man. She has been taught that all men are terrible monsters to fear. Very straightforward, innocent, and terrible at lying. She succumbs to man’s charm when she finally meets one herself.

Sacharissa/Chloe/Ada (Speaking roles/Chorus)

Three girl graduates with differing duties and able to be only strong enough, in theory, to fight men.


King Hildebrand – Ben Salers

Prince Hilarion – Joseph Smith

Cyril – Richard Risi

Florian – Jordan Breslow

King Gama – Chris Jurak (Understudy: Barry Mastellone)

Arac – Henry Hortsmann

Guron – John Benvenuto

Scynthius – Marc Elliot Stein

Princess Ida – Kara Vertucci (Understudy: Rebecca Rutkovsky)

Blanche – Terry Hotchler (Understudy: Delaney R. Page)

Lady Psyche – Patricia Gallagher (Understudy: Delaney R. Page)

Melissa – Alyssa Menor (Understudy: Cecilia Antonelle)

Sacharissa – Tamara Shyngle

Chloe – Claudia Arroyo

Ada – Hannah Roth

Male Understudy: Gayden Wren

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