Princess Ida


Tues 10/117:30-10pmEast Meadow United Methodist ChurchOrientation/
Ensemble Music
Tues 10/187:30-10pmEast Meadow United Methodist ChurchMusic
Tuesday 10/257:30-10pmEast Meadow United Methodist ChurchPrincipal Auditions
10/277:30-10pmTBAPrincipal Call-Backs, If Necessary
11/017:30-10pmEast Meadow United Methodist ChurchPrincipals Talk-through

About “Princess Ida”

A twist on a traditional medieval fairy tale.

Prince Hilarion has been waiting for his royal wedding day for twenty years. He is about to meet Princess Ida to whom he was betrothed, as a baby. Unfortunately, the Princess has decided that she does not want to honor the commitment, and has, instead, gone off and started a women’s college! A whirlwind of disguises, ruses, and battles ensue!


East Meadow United Methodist Church is located at

470 E Meadow Ave, East Meadow NY 11554

Parking is in the rear of the building. To access the parking go around the block by turning onto Harton Ave. then onto Bernard St. At the dead end of Bernard St. there will be a gate which is the entrance to the church parking lot. Please use the entrance up the ramp on the side of the church building to enter. Wheelchair access and lift inside are available if needed.

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Chorus & some Understudy role auditions are ongoing.

Understudy Auditions: Please prepare 16 bars or one verse of an operatic style song in English (Gilbert and Sullivan preferred) for audition. Please bring a copy of sheet music. An accompanist will be provided.

Auditionees may also be asked to read parts as part of the audition process.

Chorus Auditions will be held at chorus rehearsals and are as easy as singing Happy Birthday and/or scales for the Music Director.

Click Here for More Audition Information


King Hildebrand (Bass/baritone)

Majestic but kindly father, but takes no nonsense from Gama when he fails to keep his part of the bargain.

Prince Hilarion (Tenor)

Idealistic and in love with the idea of love! Ready to risk to everything to gain Ida’s hand.

Cyril (Tenor)

A cross between an adviser to Hilarion and his best drinking companion in the manner of Falstaff. Larger than life in all ways!!

Florian (Baritone)

Educated courtier and friend to Hilarion.

King Gama (Baritone/Patter-man)

Malevolent and strong willed. – “A twisted monster all awry, as if Dame Nature, angry with her work, had crumpled it in fitful petulance.”

Arac (Bass/baritone)

Eldest son to Gama – a brutish thick soldier who’s answer to everything is a fight!

Guron (Bass/baritone)

Second son to Gama – thick like his brother.

Scynthius (Bass/baritone)

Third son to Gama – yet another thick one!!

Princess Ida (Soprano)

The epitome of Tennyson’s poem and the model for Girton and all the Ladies’ Colleges at University. Imperious ‘ice maiden’ who submits to Hilarion only by reason of his greater logic.

Lady Blanche (Contralto)

Typical second in command who believes that she has been wrongly overlooked in the grand scheme of things, and ready to scheme on her own behalf to try to gain what she thinks is rightly hers. Mother of Melissa.

Lady Psyche (Soprano)

Another idealistic woman who has thrown her lot in with Ida but, even though she believes fervently that “man is only a monkey shaved”, when she actually meets one she melts to his charm.

Melissa (Mezzo-soprano)

Blanche’s daughter also succumbs to the charm of man when she actually meets one. Also winds Mum up to conceal the three men’s identities as long as it suits her own purpose.

Sacharissa/Chloe/Ada (speaking roles/Chorus)

Three girl graduates with differing duties and able to be only strong enough, in theory, to fight men.

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