Support the Company

The Gilbert & Sullivan Light Opera Company has always supported itself by selling tickets and by booking our shows with sponsoring organizations.  It’s worked for 65 years, and we’re confident that it will keep working for 65 more.

That isn’t to say, though, that we don’t welcome donations from anyone who loves the Savoy operas the way we do and wants to help keep the company at its best.  Our singers work for the love of the operas and the joy of working with our friends, but sets, costumes, storage facilities, orchestra musicians and so much more don’t come cheap.  If we could do what we do for free, we would—but we can’t.

The company is a New York State-registered not-for-profit organization, and has been recognized as a 501(c)(3) group by the Internal Revenue Service.  Any donations made to us is fully tax-deductible, and we’re happy to provide the appropriate documentation of such gifts.

If you’d like to make a donation to the company please click the button below.

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