G&S Around the World

The Gilbert & Sullivan Light Opera Company of Long Island is one of many groups throughout the English-speaking world (and occasionally beyond) devoted to the Savoy operas.  The following list is lengthy, but doubtless far from complete.  Feel free to click on the links and check out some of the amazing companies that are out there, doing pretty much what we do (nothing in particular, that is, but we do it very well).  For conspiracy theorists looking for shadowy international cliques devoted to mysterious, inexplicable ends, this is the mother lode.


The following companies perform primarily or exclusively the works of Gilbert & Sullivan:

The Ohio Light Opera, based at the College of Wooster, is a widely respected troupe that performs Gilbert & Sullivan regularly.

The following companies perform Gilbert & Sullivan regularly (at least three times in the past 10 years):

The Penzance Operatic Society, now the Penzance Musical Theatre Company, ventures beyond the obvious.

The following companies perform Gilbert & Sullivan occasionally (at least once in the past 10 years):

Appreciation Groups:


Poor Wandering Ones!  Gilbert & Sullivan companies are constantly popping up—and, alas, occasionally disappearing as well—and sometimes their names don’t offer immediate certainty of their membership in the Inner Brotherhood.  If you’re aware of a G&S company that isn’t listed above, but should be, please drop a note to secretary@snickersnee.com.


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