What We Offer

Each year the Gilbert & Sullivan Light Opera Company of Long Island offers a brand-new production of a Gilbert & Sullivan opera (in 2018 it was Patience, in 2019 it’s The Gondoliers).  Performances are held throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties, as well as occasionally in Brooklyn, Queens or Manhattan, between April and July.

The main production is offered in three different forms: the full-company version with full orchestra, the full-company version with piano accompaniment and the principals-only version (which is designed for smaller venues and omits the orchestra and choruses, with judicious cuts to accommodate their absence).

The full-company versions are sometimes sponsored by the company itself, and sometimes by parks, schools, libraries, churches, temples, seniors groups and fraternal organizations which book us for entertainment and/or fund-raising purposes.  (If your  organization might like to engage us to do a show, go to Book a Show.)  The principals-only version is usually seen at libraries and other smaller-scale venues.

In addition, the company always has a revue show available, featuring a quintet of the company’s finest performers performing excerpts from all 14 of the Savoy operas.  For 2016-2019 it’s been The World According to Gilbert & Sullivan; as of September 2019 (and running through summer 2022) it will be Very Truly Yours, Gilbert & Sullivan.  Performances of the revue are occasionally sponsored by the company, but more often by outside sponsors.

That’s not all, though.  We also have occasional special events (such as this December’s revival of Gayden Wren’s A Gilbert & Sullivan Christmas Carol), benefit concerts, staged readings of Gilbert plays and the like.

To learn all about our current season (and to get tickets for upcoming company-sponsored shows), go to Calendar and Tickets.  The best way to be informed about what’s going on, though, is to sign up for our mailing list (e-mail or postal, as you see fit).  That way it’s up to us to make sure you are (like Don Alhambra) always up to date.  To get onto our mailing list, go to Contact Us.

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