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We’re happy to have you come to us, but we’re also happy to bring our shows to you.  For more than half a century, the Gilbert & Sullivan Light Opera Company of Long Island has been making its shows available as entertainment and/or as fund raisers for community groups all over Long Island and beyond.  Churches, temples, schools, parks, libraries, charities, seniors groups and fraternal organizations have found that, whether they’re looking to raise money or simply to be entertained, a Gilbert & Sullivan show is a sure-fire winner.  (We’ve even worked weddings.)

Gondoliers 3
Ben Salers, Lauren Delucia, David Sterling and Terry Hochler in “The Gondoliers.”

Musical theater has always been a great way to draw a crowd or raise funds, but putting on a show is a formidably complicated undertaking that’s beyond the capabilities of many organizations.  That’s where we come in:  We do all the production work, so your people can save their time for publicity and ticket-selling—where the money is.  As for us, have someone there to open the hall two hours before the curtain goes up, and someone there to lock up an hour after the curtain comes down, and we’ll do the rest.

Best of all, because our shows are seen all over Long Island, with the costs prorated across all those productions, we can provide a caliber of entertainment that you probably couldn’t manage on your own—a $25,000 show for less than 10% of that cost.

We have shows for every budget, from a full-company production with orchestra ($2,500) or a full-company production with piano accompaniment ($1,500) to a principals-only production ($500) or a G&S revue ($400).  The only extras are if we have to provide our own electric piano ($50 extra) or if we have to provide our own sound gear (variable, based on the venue).  Otherwise, the number you see is the check that you end up writing.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can bring the magic of Gilbert & Sullivan to your audience, e-mail business manager Gayden Wren at  You won’t believe how easy it is, or how much fun!


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